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APAS selects applicants for 2019-20 Youth Leadership and Mentorship program

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce the six successful applicants for the next APAS Youth Leadership and Mentorship program.

Jocelyn Velestuk RM of Elcapo #154 (Broadview)
Devon Walker RM of Wilton #472 (Lashburn)
Laurie Vidal RM of Loon Lake #561 (Rapid View)
Michelle Ross RM of Wolseley #155 (Grenfell)
Kirk Lishchynsky RM of Fish Creek #402
Reid Daley RM of Laurier #38 (Radville)

The APAS Youth Leadership and Mentorship program aims to help young Saskatchewan producers between the ages of 18-40 gain valuable experience, take advantage of networking opportunities, and develop the skills necessary to become a future industry leader. Participants are matched up with a Saskatchewan farm leader over the age of 40 in a mentee-mentor relationship, and also attend APAS meetings, the APAS AGM in Regina, and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture’s AGM in Ottawa.
“Young producers are the future of agriculture,” said APAS president Todd Lewis. “So, it’s important to encourage the next generation to get involved in our farm organizations and to learn about farm policy, as well as give them the skills and support they need to become leaders in their communities. We’re looking forward to working with these six bright young farmers.”
28 young Saskatchewan producers have completed the program since it started in 2014. In 2016, the APAS Youth Leadership and Mentorship program participants brought a successful resolution to the APAS AGM asking for the creation of a Young Agricultural Producers policy committee within APAS, to work on policy issues that affect Saskatchewan’s young farmers, like access to land and capital, succession planning and intergenerational transfers.
The APAS Youth Leadership and Mentorship program is sponsored by Can-Am.

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