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Black Lake RCMP: Remind public of boating safety as weather gets warmer

The RCMP are responsible for maintaining safe operating conditions on both our roads and on our waterways. Here are some tips to help stay safe:


  • Obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card – Saskatchewan boat operators caught without a Pleasure Craft Operator Card face a minimum $250 fine. You can expect to see officers on the lakes and rivers throughout the province, so make sure the captain of your boat is carrying their Pleasure Craft Operator Card, as well as proof of age, with them at all times.
  • Just like drinking and driving, drinking and boating is a serious offence. First time offenders with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of 0.08 risk a minimum fine of $1,000, second time offenders risk a minimum of 30 days in jail, while third time offenders could land a minimum of 120 days in jail.
  • Always wear a life jacket or Personal Flotation Device (PFD). Always remember no matter what life saving device you choose, if you don’t wear it – it won’t work.
  • Prepare a pre-departure check to ensure your vessel has the required safety equipment and is mechanically sound. Always have an extra map, check current weather conditions and carry a satellite phone in case of an emergency.
  • Ensure you have designated a secondary Skipper – one who fully understands the operation of a boat in case of an emergency and ensure they have an operator card as well.
  • Always use common sense. Know the rules, be alert at all times, and be considerate of other vessels sharing the waterways.


For further information and safety tips, please visit: www.boatinglicensesaskatchewan.com or https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/boating-water-safety.html

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