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British Columbia Company Fined For Workplace Fatality

A Prince George, B.C. company pleaded guilty to one charge under Occupational Health and Safety regulations in Prince Albert Provincial Court on January 26, 2018.

Carrier Forest Products Ltd. was fined $62,500 plus a surcharge of $25,000 for contravening clause 137(1)(a) of the regulations (being an employer, fail to provide an effective safeguard where a worker may contact a dangerous moving part, resulting in the death of a worker).

The total fine of $87,500 imposed by the court was affirmed on March 21, 2019, following an appeal by the Crown.  An additional charge was stayed in court.

Fines resulted from an incident that occurred near Big River, Saskatchewan on September 8, 2015.  A worker died after suffering blunt force trauma from an object thrown by a wood chipper.

Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, in partnership with the Workers’ Compensation Board, supports and promotes Mission: Zero – zero workplace injuries, zero fatalities and zero suffering.  We are all responsible for keeping ourselves and each other safe and healthy at work.

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