New COVID-19 Cases and Renewed Restrictions in Saskatchewan

The Thanksgiving weekend brought with it the identification of 140 new cases of COVID-19. Thirty-four cases were reported on Saturday October 10th, 24 on Sunday October 11th, 48 on October 12th Thanksgiving Monday, and another 34 today. Public health is continuing its investigations to determine which cases are linked to the large gatherings identified last week and if there are cases of new transmissions within the communities. Over the weekend, it was reported that at least 25 were linked to the Full Gospel Fellowship Outreach Event in Prince Albert and the majority of the new cases in Regina appear to be linked to a single apartment complex. This last serves as a reminder that even in familiar spaces care should be taken to follow safety measures. In apartment complexes, just as in office buildings, masks should be worn when walking from a personal space (ie: an apartment or office) to a common space like a laundry room or joint use area.

There has also been an increase in cases throughout Saskatchewan with cases linked to public and private social gatherings in the home and other venues. As of 12:01 am Friday, October 16th the maximum allowable for indoor private gatherings in the home will be 15 down from 30. Dr. Shahab is amending the current Public Health order in response to the increasing community transmission. “Even with increasing community transmission rates we still have the power to effect change, to flatten the curve, but it means all residents have to do their part to help keep their friends and family safe,” Shahab said. He is also strongly recommending masks be worn in all indoor public locations where physical distancing of two metres is not possible or predictable. The 215 active cases in the province are spread throughout all regions and 70% of all new cases last week were a result of community transmission. At present there are no immediate plans to reduce gathering limits in public places that are controlled by Provincial Guidelines.

With the upward trend in case numbers throughout North America it is most important to follow guidelines and above all remain at home if unwell. Active case numbers across the country are as follows: Quebec  8154; Ontario  5946; Alberta  2225; British Columbia  1406; Manitoba  1131; Saskatchewan  215; New Brunswick  76; Newfoundland & Labrador  9; Prince Edward Island  3; all other jurisdictions have no active cases.

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