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Workplace Injury Results In Fines For Saskatoon Employer

A Saskatoon company pleaded guilty to one count under Occupational Health and Safety regulations in Saskatoon Provincial Court on May 1, 2019.

Corval Contracting (2015) Ltd. pleaded guilty to contravening clause 116(2)(a) of the regulations (being an employer or contractor fail to ensure that workers use a fall protection system at a temporary or permanent work area where a worker may fall three metres or more, resulting in a serious injury to a worker).

The company was fined $14,000 plus a surcharge of $5,600.  One additional charge was stayed.

Charges resulted from an incident that took place on October 13, 2017, in Saskatoon.  A worker fell from the roof of a house and struck his head on a steel telepost.

Falls are one of the most common injury-causing hazards in the construction industry according to WorkSafe Saskatchewan.  Workers should always be outfitted with safety gear appropriate for the job they are doing.  Equipment should be inspected daily, and any worn or damaged equipment should be replaced.

To learn more, visit www.worksafesask.ca or contact your industry safety association.

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